The Coxe Pavilion

The Coxe Pavilion

St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus
801 Ostrum Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Tours by appointment - please call or email Maria Collette, the museum’s curator.

Coxe Pavilion is an Original St. Luke’s
Hospital Building

Coxe Pavilion

The Fowler Family Museum is located in the Coxe Pavilion adjacent to the entrance of the Priscilla Payne Hurd Pavilion.

Endowed in 1914, the Coxe Ward for Obstetrical Cases was one of the original one-story pavilions built at St. Luke’s Hospital. It was funded by the widow and son of coal magnate Eckley B. Coxe. Today, the Coxe Pavilion – as it is now known – is the only original St. Luke’s Hospital building that still stands.

The Coxe Pavilion was built as a "Nightingale Ward," a European design endorsed by Florence Nightingale. It was her belief that patients would recover faster with direct exposure to sunlight and fresh air. The glass cupola at the top of the building was created as a means of ventilation to reduce the transfer of disease. The St. Luke’s pavilions were modeled after the original Johns Hopkins pavilions and were featured at the Universal Exposition of 1889 in Paris.

The Coxe Pavilion was later used for medical/surgical patients and as an isolation ward. In the 1970s, the building was converted to office space and was used by various departments until it was closed in 1994.

The renovation of the building to its original look began in 1998 and was completed in 1999.

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